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Component Cleaning Cabinet Automatic

Component Cleaning Cabinet Automatic

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Cleanliness Cabinet has been specifically developed to assess the cleanliness level of components or manufactured parts by
flushing them out, simulating their functional operation under turbulent flow conditions. This is accomplished by passing a filtered, low viscosity fluid through the component or finished part under turbulent flow conditions to flush contaminants from surfaces and transport them to a test membrane for subsequent analysis.


• Small & Compact design
• Cost reduction through lower production failure rates
• Simple to install and Foot Switch operate Pressure
• Pressurized solvent flushing jet
• flushing, blowing and Vacuum drying sequence
• Requiring only power and pressurized air source
• Solvent Re- Filtration
• Storage Tank Capacity – 20 ltr (Customized )
• Inbuild Inline Filter Holder Suitable for 47 mm membrane


• Automotive suppliers
• Gravimetry test
• Gearbox builders
• Engine builders
• Suppliers of hydraulic and lubrication component
Cabinet module
• Dimensions : 300x 300 x 500 mm
• Weight : 200 kg
• Materials: 304 L stainless steel Mirror Finish
• Seals: Viton
• Safety MCB For Power supply: 230 V Ac – 50/60 H

Filtration Module

• Membrane Holder: 47 mm to 90 mm filter membranes
• Vacuum Strainer: For quicker filtration of the analysis
• fluid Diffuser: Distribution of analysis fluid on the membrane
• Operating Pressure: 11.6 to 87 psi (0.8 to 6 bar)
• Analysis Fluid Reservoir: 2x 5.3 gal (10 l) (1x reservoir, 1x suction reservoir)
• Reservoir Change-over: Automatic Filtration of Analysis Fluid: Fine filtration according to ISO 4406 min. ISO 12/9 Solvent
Recovery From 0.2um Filter (1xx0 series) Integrated Drip Tray: (20 liters) with drainage

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